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"Classics as a Form of Racial Knowing"

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
7 pm
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Kansas Union, The Jay, 1st Floor
Event Description: 

"Classics as a Form of Racial Knowing"

with Dan-el Padilla Peralta
Assistant Professor of Classics, Princeton University

Dr. Padilla Peralta asks, "Over the past few decades, there's been no small amount of debate over the responsibility of the humanities to confront and engage earnestly with problems of racial injustice. A particular source of concern lately is the relationship between the production of knowledge in the humanities and (perceived or actual) complicity in the propagation of structural violence. My talk will be structured around one question: how do disciplines such as classics contribute to the organization and reproduction of those habits of mind and labor that sustain what Karen and Barbara Fields have termed 'racecraft'?"

Dr. Peralta Padilla’s visit is sponsored by the departments of Classics, African and African-American Studies, and American Studies, the Graduate Association for Philosophy Students, and the Hall Center for the Humanities.

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